The next scheduled Booster Club Meeting will be on Tuesday March 7, 2017.    


Please join Eagle 107 in congratulating Selinsgrove Seals‘ quarterback Logan Leiby for his selection to the 2016 WNEP Dream Team.

Congrats Logan Leiby!!

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Fans, Family, Friends and Players.

To view photos taken at the Selinsgrove Seals Football Banquet held on January the 8th please click on the Banquet tab above.


The following Football Players

were the “WINNERS” of the

Individual Awards given out

by Coach Derek Hicks at

the Selinsgrove Seals Football

Banquet on January 8, 2017. 

Adam Ackley “Outstanding Leadership” Logan Leiby

John Daily “Man of Character” Cross Kantz

John Daily “Man of Character” Ryan Bucher

180 Degree Award Kody Showers

180 Degree Award Paul Oyster

Team Player Mason Fultz

Blaine Ritter Academic Achievement Dawson Klinger

Hoffman Award Best Blocker Keith Dreese

Hoffman Award – Best Blocker Ryan Varner

Offensive MVP Logan Leiby

Defensive MVP Ryan Bucher

Team MVP Garrett Campbell




As 2016 comes to a close, the Selinsgrove Seals Football Booster Club would like to extend to our FANS and our FOOTBALL PLAYERS FAMILIES a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season.  We appreciate the generous support you provided to our Football-Athletes, allowing them to achieve, excellence on and off the football field this year.

Happy Holidays, Happy New Year and THANK YOU again for your continued support you do for the SELINSGROVE SEALS FOOTBALL BOOSTER CLUB and OUR GREAT FOOTBALL TEAM.



            The Booster Club Meeting for Monday                 February 6, 2017 has been cancelled and a new date has not been decided because of the different sporting events.



Selinsgrove Football Booster Club,

Fans, Friends and Families.

It is sad to say that this will be the last pictures of the SEALS Football Season.  It has been a Great Season by all accounts and look forward to next year as the players should come out hungry and looking to get back that District 4 Title ! !

The Selinsgrove Football Booster Club,

Fans, Friends and Families.

Would like to say GOOD LUCK to the following

Graduating SENIORS on the Team as there will 

be some Big shoes to fill


you will be Missed next year ! !

                                                     4    Ryan Bucher

  19    Mason Fultz

         23    Garrett Campbell

      41    Dawson Klinger

51    Micah Porr

54   Cross Kantz

 60   Keanan Wolf

        64   James Heinbach

71    Kaden Ruch

 76    Ryan Varner 

The Selinsgrove Football Booster Club,

Fans, Friends and Families.

Would like to Specially Thank

the Team Photographer Keirra Stahl

a Senior @ Midd-West High School

who has been taking Fantastic Pictures

throughout the seasons for the Parents and

Fans to enjoy !!

  Due to her going off to college, she will not

be taking photo’s in 2017.

The Selinsgrove Football Booster Club

would like to thank you

for putting your pictures on 

on our Website.  

We wish you the

Best of Luck

in your Future Endeavers. 


2016 Selinsgrove Seals PA Heartland Athletic Conference Division 1 honorees:

1st Team Offense
Logan Leiby / Quarterback
Garrett Campbell / Running Back
Jarrett Inch / Wide Receiver
Tony Dressler / Tight End
Cross Kantz / Lineman
Keith Dreese / Lineman

1st Team Defense
Tony Dressler / Defensive End
Adam Ritter / Defensive End
Connor Vanzijl / Linebacker
Garrett Campbell / Defensive Back

2nd Team Offense
Ricky Cope / Wide Receiver
Ryan Varner / Lineman
Dawson Klinger / Kicker

2nd Team Defense
Joe Kahn / Linebacker
Hunter Croman / Linebacker
Ryan Bucher / Defensive Back