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The next scheduled Booster Club Meeting

will be held on Tuesday February 6th at 6:30. We would 

like to have all board members present due to this is the

yearly meeting to vote a new board of directors in. If for

some reason you will be unable to attend, please send

Roy Leiby your intentions of next year in writing so he will

have them for the meeting.  We have some great people that

are returning next year and hopefully we are able to get some

new parents in that will work well those whom are returning.

All Booster Club Meetings are held at the Selinsgrove VFW

located on Route 522 across from the BB&T Bank.  

Meeting starts @ 6:30 PM

 2017 Class 4A Player of the Year,

       Logan Leiby, Selinsgrove

Written by:  on Tuesday, January 2nd, 2018

In 2017, Leiby completed 225 of 345 passes for 3,776 yards and 42 touchdowns. He rushed for 366 yards and five touchdowns.

“Logan is a great QB, athlete, and most importantly a quality person.  He is a great leader both on and off the field,” said Head Coach Derek Hicks.

He led his team to an 11-3 record and made it to the quarterfinals.

“Logan is a three sport athlete who still managed to lift and condition 5-6 days a week to be sure he was ready for football season.  The amount of preparation he put in during the off-season and studying his opponent in-season is what translated to the phenomenal numbers he accumulated during his career.”

2017 Career
Completions 225 664 Both are School & D4 Records
Attempts 345 1079 Both are School & D4 Records
Yards 3776 9846 Both are School & D4 Records
Comp % 65.2 61.5 Both are School Records
TD Passes 42 95 Both are School & D4 Records


Logan Leiby is EasternPAFootball.com’s 2017 Class 4A Player of the Year.


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2017 Class 4A All-EasternPAFootball.com Team

Written by:  on Tuesday, January 2nd, 2018

Presented by EasternPAFootball.com

2017 Class 4A All-EasternPAFootball.com Team


The 2017 edition of the Eastern PA Football Players from Selinsgrove.


 Wide receivers (WR): Sr. 6’1 190 Jarrett Inch, Selinsgrove; 

Quarterback (QB): Sr. 6’1 194 Logan Leiby, Selinsgrove


Defensive Lineman (DL):  Sr. 6’2 210 Tony Dressler, Selinsgrove

Linebackers (LB): Sr. 5’10 200 Clayton Sheesley, Selinsgrove; 


Goes out to Logan Leiby QB for being honored for
Player of the Year for Second year in a row.
To our Seals Football Players who have been chosen for
First- Team Offense and First-Team Defense  for
The Daily Item ALL – Stars Football.
#84     JARRETT INCH      
#75     KEITH DREESE           
#12        TONY DRESSLER
To our Seals Football Players who have been chosen for
Second -Team  for The Daily Item ALL – Stars Football.
 #2         RB          JOE KAHN
 #55       OL          BLAISE ZEIDERS   
 #52       DL           ADAM RITTER 
To our Seals Football Players who have been chosen for
Honorable mention  for The Daily Item ALL – Stars Football.
#6               WR          RICKY COPE
#7                   WR                JOSH NYLUND
#12           TE           TONY DRESSLER
#52           OL           ADAM RITTER
#51           OL           NATE SCHON
#68           DL           TREY BANEY
#50           LB            PAUL OYSTER
#2             LB           JOE KAHN
#10           DB           KODY SHOWERS

The Selinsgrove Football Booster Club,

Fans, Friends and Families.

Would like to say GOOD LUCK to the following

Graduating SENIORS on the Team as there will 

be some Big shoes to fill


you will be Missed next year ! !




















As 2017 comes to a close, the Selinsgrove Seals Football Booster Club would like to extend to our FANS and our FOOTBALL PLAYERS FAMILIES a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season.  We appreciate the generous support you provided to our Football-Athletes, allowing them to achieve, excellence on and off the football field this year.  

Happy Holidays, Happy New Year and THANK YOU again for your continued support you do for the SELINSGROVE SEALS FOOTBALL BOOSTER CLUB  and OUR GREAT FOOTBALL TEAM.


  Quarterback Logan Leiby
Wide receiver Jarrett Inch
Linebacker Clayton Sheesley
For making the
2017 PA Writers/Broadcasting
Class 4 A


Congratulations to the
District IV Champions
Keep working hard and playing hard like you did this past Friday night.
You have the opportunity to go very far. FOCUS!!  FOCUS!!  FOCUS!!
I also want to add what a AWESOME GROUP OF MEN WE HAVE ON OUR TEAM!! 

“AWESOME” SEALS Football Team and Coaches N over the 
Bellefonte Red Raiders yesterday @ Mansion Park @ Altoona PA.
This was the PIAA CLASS 4A Football First Round and the Selinsgrove Seals
 dominated the Game.
 Image may contain: 6 people




Saturday Nove
ber 24, 2017


Written by Howie Ritter

Absolutely Amazing!! Last nights Football game will become an Instant Classic!! I don’t think ANYONE in this area or even the state, other then The SEAL NATION Faithful, gave this SEAL Football Team a Fighting chance to Win last nights game. The SEALS came up short, 3 yards to be exact, and lost in a Thrilling game for the ages to Bethlehem Catholic by a score of 33-32. Most pundits had this SEAL Team losing by 20+ points and it was supposed to be just a “formality” of taking the field and playing out the game. Little did they realize the SEALS did NOT get that memo!! Confident, Courage and Character are just a few of the many words that come to mind to describe this Great Group of Young Men!! This Senior Laden Team was NOT ready for this journey to end just yet and it showed!! The Heart that this SEAL Team had and played with, and not just last night but all year long, was just Incredible and the Resilience they had every time to get back up after getting knocked down just cannot be taught!! The Knights were Fast and Big, VERY BIG, especially on their O and D Lines!! It just did NOT Matter though to this Fearless and Ferocious SEAL Team as they not only “hung” with these Knights, but could just as easily have Beaten them!! Last nights game was certainly a “roller coaster” of events, especially towards the end of the game with the back n forth “flurry” of scoring that ensued. I guarantee you that this Knights Team knew by the end of the night that they were fortunate to escape with this Win!! The Offense last night knew they would have to put up points, and lots of them, if they had any hope of winning this game. They did not disappoint!! Led by QB Leiby (13-24-1 324yds passing and 4TD’s and 54 rushing yds) tossing the ball to WR’s Inch (8receptions for 244yds and 4 TD’s) and Cope (3 receptions for 57yds) along with the hard-nosed running by RB Kahn (13-62yds rushing and 1 TD along with 2 receptions for 23yds). The GRUNTS, BIG UGLY’s, BIG SEXY’S(Critter, Dreese, Zeiders, Schon, Bogar Baney) or whatever you want to call this Great Group of OLineman knew they were going to take a “pounding” in the trenches last night. Let me just say it takes a Very Special type of person both Physically and Mentally to know ahead of time just by watching game films all week and then to go out and actually play the game knowing you are “under-sized” and “out-manned” and still stand up to and go “toe-to-toe” against clearly a much LARGER opponent and never back down!!! KUDDO’s OL!! You guys “busted butt” and gave it your ALL!! This High-flying Offense has been a lot of fun to watch not just this year but through the years!! The Defense certainly knew they would have their hands full as this would be their toughest test of the year, but that’s what happens when you get down to the Elite8!! It was evident early that this SEALS Defense meant business and was not going to “roll over” and it was going to get physical!! Again the Knights OL was HUGE….. Not necessarily good but HUGE!! The BIG3 (Dressler, Baney, Critter along with Zeiders and Everrett rotating in and out) along with the LB’s (Sheesley, Croman, Oyster, Kahn, VanZijl) were “flying” to the ball carriers early and often and getting a few good “licks” in along the way!! The Knights knew early that this SEALS D was not going to fold and go away or be intimidated!! The DB’s (Swineford, Showers and Ravy) helped shut down any passing attack as well as helped in run support. For the better part of 3 1/2 quarters this Fierce SEAL Defense hung tough and gave as much as they got!! You could tell the Knights were shocked as this SEAL Team was supposed to be “cowering” in the corner by now…again the SEALS did NOT get that memo!! KUDDO’s to the D as they played INCREDIBLE all year long and such a thrill to watch!! It was getting evident though towards the end of the game the Knights shear size and depth was starting to “wear down” this SEAL D unit as they were having a tough time stopping the run!! That is the point in the game it was going to be a matter of which team had the ball last!! I know some people might question the decision at the very end of the game to go for the 2pt conversion but there was no question at all…..the SEALS had the momentum and had to go for 2…PERIOD!! Again people don’t realize the “wear n tear” on the body of just being pushed around and leaned on and even fallen on by Massive bodies all game long as it takes its toll!! This SEALS Defense was starting to run on fumes and had nothing to be ashamed of as they fought hard and played valiantly all night long!!! The game needed to end though and be decided right then and there by our Offense!! One last play for “all the marbles” as you will and no regrets!! This SEALS Team has no reason what so ever to Hang their Heads over!!! I know this is long but bear with me as it will be my last Football posting!! Indulge me as I do have one Rant!!! I watched a lot of film of the Knights with Critter this week. He would laugh at me as I would get upset and yell at the lack of penalties called against the Knights each n every game. It was so obvious the holding and tackling that goes on by their OL, and the “chippiness” and late hits after the whistle by 3 or 4 of the same players, some were down right “dirty” plays!! All game long last night those same Knights players were true to form and did the same thing and will continue to do it if the Officials are too lazy to throw their flags and Clean it Up before someone gets seriously hurt!! I even warned Critter to keep his cool ahead of time because their LT on the OL was one of the worst offenders and sure enough Critter got “chucked’’ and got right up in his face even though he was outweighed by about 100lbs!! Glad Critter didn’t get a penalty as it always seems the guy that retaliates is the one that gets called. Don’t get me wrong as there are a Lot of Really Good Officials in the game but it seems like each week there is always that one or two that have ABSOLUTELY NO BUSINESS being on the field!! FRUSTRATING to say the least!! End of Rant!! Critter you had another Outstanding game!! You kept the “blindside” clean all night long on the OL and had some big blocks!! On the DL you were in the Knights backfield the whole game disrupting plays and making tackles in spite of the HUGE guys you had to literally fight your way through!! I cannot say enough about how well you played this year as well as your whole career!! You have been a real Warrior and a BEAST and never back down from a challenge and it will serve you well moving forward!! I know you havent decided yet on football or no football in college and am not sure what your future holds but I know it will be a bright one!! The Pride I Feel watching You play is indescribable 😀 You Make Me SO PROUD Son as I am sitting here writing this wiping tears from my eyes just like last night at the end of the game :'( :'( BITTERSWEET!! I wasn’t quite ready for this ride to end just yet but then again I am not sure I ever wanted this to be over!! I will miss seeing my #52 out on that field next year for sure!! Love Ya Critter <3 <3 Last night marked the end of Critters HS Football but also a few other Seniors that I was so Fortunate to have helped coach and watched play over the years and felt vested in……Kody, Gavin, Bogar, Dressler, Dreese, Inch and Croman all played on one of Critters Midget Football teams at one time or another. I have to also say Thanks to All of My FB Friends that have “indulged” me each week and reading my posts and the compliments received along the way and the excessive pics I post lol!! Most of all I have to Thank My Incredible Family and Extended Family for the Love, Support and Dedication they have shown each week braving all the elements to be there to Cheer on #52 and the SEALS!! I Love You ALL and Thank You just doesn’t seem enough <3 <3 This Senior Laden SEAL Team has written yet another Great Chapter and left their mark on this Long Storied Football Program!! Thank You Seniors for allowing us to be a part of your journey and May the Future Hold Great things for each of You!! GOOD LUCK!!! Time to pass the baton to the Underclassmen and may they keep the tradition of excellence going!! GO SEALS!!!!!!!!

Booster Club

Booster Club Board & Grade Representatives for 2017/2018:

President – Roy Leiby
Vice President – Tish Showers
Treasurer – Candy Swineford
Secretary – Donna Mitchell
Varsity Coach – Derek Hicks

Grade Reps:
Seniors – Jodi Cope

Juniors – Mark Swineford
Sophomores – Rod Kantz
Freshmen – Monica Hoover